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Oak decline is a. Acute oak decline is an emerging disease of oak trees (trees in the Quercus genus) which was first observed in the UK late in the 20th century. Invasive pests, drought, fire suppression, and soil compaction from human activities are among the primary factors influencing oak decline in. Most of the trees affected by oak decline are in the red oak family, commonly black oak, scarlet oak and southern red oak. Other species, such as hicko- ries. A species decline like this occurs when widespread conditions (like drought or excess soil moisture) stress a population of trees, leaving those. Factors of Oak Decline. Dr. Kevin Chase, PhD, Entomologist. Observations of declining oak species (Figure 1) across large geographic regions are increasing. Oak decline is believed to be triggered by drought. Severe droughts during the s and s caused extensive oak decline during those decades. Since environmental factors such as drought or frost cannot be controlled, the best way to decrease the risk of oak decline is to manage your forest to. The disease is characterised by the trees bleeding or oozing a dark fluid from small lesions or splits in their bark. Unlike chronic oak decline, acute oak. In recent years oaks in the white oak group, such as chestnut oak (Quercus montana) and white oak (Quercus alba), have started dying in.

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